The crazy past of the sex, love, and lust

Skipping the flirtation stage and jumping directly to bed

Founded in 1850 and headquartered in New York City, a holding company was an international financial institution. It ranked fourth among U.S. investment banks and was a major trader of U.S. Treasury bonds. Once voted the best investment bank of the year by Euromoney, it was dominating the financial world. It launched an interlocking bond with ultra-high interest and monthly payments. This bond was viewed as a stable and safe financial product at the time, and it was sold globally.

A good friend of Marina’s father, Paine, was in charge of an investment company called Clark Corporation, which also sold the bonds. Through Paine’s introduction, her father was drawn to it and raised hundreds of millions of euros from family and friends to buy the bond. After being awarded with generous interest for six months, her father got greedy and bought more. At that time, he felt that it was a safe and reliable investment with a high return. He wasn’t suspicious or skeptical.

In 2007, the subprime mortgage crisis broke out in the U.S., causing a financial tsunami that rattled most financial institutions. The holding company inevitably plunged into a financial crisis. With debts of more than $600 billion and the stock price falling from $100 in its heyday to less than $1 dollar, it declared bankruptcy. The stock price eventually fell to less than 10 cents, and the rest is history.

Marina’s father was struck by the bad news like a lightning bolt. In a moment of terror, he had a stroke and died in the hospital.

Her mother was so distraught that she eventually fell ill. Faced with the pressure of debt collection from family and friends, she had a nervous breakdown and soon passed away.

At that time, Marina was studying for her master’s degree in business administration. The tragedy hit her hard, and she quit school. Her relatives were unable to help her, being victims themselves. Marina had no way of making a living, nor could she support herself. A rich girl born with a silver spoon in her mouth fell from heaven to hell overnight.

Paine felt guilty about the deaths of her parents, but there was very little he could do. His Clark Corporation also was affected greatly. However, seeing Marina’s sadness, he tried to lend a helping hand by suggesting that she work for him as his personal assistant. In reality, his company was laying people off, and he didn’t need any more employees. He just wanted to cheer her up and gave her a reason to move on.

Marina just looked at him with blank eyes. She had no choice but to accept.

“Gather some of your personal belongings. I will get a moving company to help you move to an apartment near my company.” The apartment originally was rented to one of his managers, who was laid off, leaving the place vacant.

“Thank you, Uncle Paine,” Marina finally spoke. Paine wasn’t her real uncle, but she considered him her only family, now that her parents had passed away, and he was the only person lending her a helping hand.

The holding company’s demise caused Paine a lot of stress and grief, but he still took the time to take care of Marina, indicating that he was a sympathetic and nice man.

Marina moved into the company apartment and started working as Paine’s assistant. She was responsible for arranging meetings, scheduling, keeping meeting records, and delivering documents. The work wasn’t hard, but important.

With more employees being laid off, Marina had to take on more tasks. Soon, she had become familiar with the company’s affairs and had become Paine’s most valuable assistant.

When dealing with clients, she didn’t just go by the books, but handled them based on her intuition and observation, revealing her hidden ability to handle tasks and people.

Working at Paine’s company allowed her to get over the family tragedy slowly. Not only did she regain her confidence, but she also started to dress fashionably. She received rave feedback from her clients, one after another.

Paine also was happy about her change. He relied heavily on her and took her on business trips. To improve her demeanor and knowledge, she began to take aesthetic education courses.

Working with Paine and traveling together gave her a sense of happiness. She enjoyed her work and felt a sense of achievement from it. Paine felt the same way. They were inseparable and enjoyed each other’s company.

One time, when they were on a business trip, Paine went to Marina’s room to discuss some matters. He took off his jacket and hung it on the chair. He was wearing a linen shirt and jeans, the shirt half tucked under his jeans. His blond hair was slightly messy, and his silver-gray eyes were bright and wild. He looked handsome, with a mature man’s unique charm. He also had a melancholy expression on his face, and Marina immediately felt a strong pull toward him.

Marina’s glamorous, dignified, sexy, gentle, and considerate charm was deeply attractive to Paine.

They had nowhere to go. The fire of attraction ignited, they hugged each other and went directly to bed, despite their 30-year age difference and professional relationship.

It could be the sympathy toward each other, or it could be the pressure from work, but they found solace in each other’s arms as if to escape from all the turmoil in the world.

This kind of sex without tomorrow was strong and deep, giving them never-felt-before pleasure. It was unforgettable and impressive.

Marina always had viewed Paine as family and never imagined taking their relationship to another level, but when Paine touched her heart, she went full force without any hesitation and fell in love with him. That night, she decided to follow him for the rest of her life.

Paine also transformed his fatherly love for her into a romantic love, taking off the label of uncle and becoming her lover.

They became an intimate couple and didn’t think of sex as a taboo. For half a year, they were crazy in love.

Having experienced sex, Marina looked extremely beautiful and alluring. Her poise was full of charm, and her eyes were mesmerizing. Whenever she attended a social event, she would attract a lot of attention from men.

Unfortunately, her beauty had caused some trouble. A shipping mogul named Buck had set his eyes on her during a party, and everything changed.

Buck was an immigrant from England, and it was said that his wealth could build a nation. His vacation villa on the beach was like a small island. The view was unparalleled, and his grandiose mansion was incomparable. He had a reputation for living an extremely luxurious lifestyle. The most well-known story about him was that he bought a brand-new luxury car every week. Whichever girl pleased him would be given a luxury car. Women in his social circle were all eager for his attention.

Buck was Paine’s biggest client. After learning that Paine’s company was in the middle of a financial crisis, he wanted to help him connect with potential clients, so he held a party at his vacation villa on the French Riviera.

The guests included many wealthy businessmen, as well as Miranda, the organizer of the aforementioned French Riviera sex cruise. Miranda brought several beautiful girls to enliven the vibe.

Buck introduced the guests to Paine, hoping that he would be able to find new investment partners. Marina accompanied him and helped him with networking.

Marina’s eloquence and elegance stunned everyone at the party, leaving a deep impression on them. She also had a good talk with Miranda; they felt like they had known each other for a long time.

Buck looked at Marina with covetous eyes from time to time, completely smitten by her beauty and charisma. He asked Paine, “Who is this Marina?”

“She’s my assistant. Why?”

“Is she your wife?”

“She…is not.” Although Paine and Marina had been very intimate, they had not thought about marriage.

“In that case, can she spend three days with me?”

“Well…” Paine was hesitant. He didn’t dare tell the truth that he and Marina were a couple. He didn’t want people to think that he was engaging in an office romance. As long as a woman is unmarried, she has the potential to be viewed as an escort in the eyes of a billionaire. Even if Paine told him that she was his girlfriend, it wouldn’t make any difference.

“If you let me have her, I won’t withdraw the funds I invested in your company when the contract expires in two months, and I will invest more!” Buck laid out his terms. To him, there’s nothing that money can’t buy. He originally decided to withdraw his investment once it was due, but he would renew the contract for the price of Marina.

Paine didn’t know what to say. He could only reply, “Let me try to talk to her.”

He was in a tricky situation. On one side was the woman whom he loved dearly, but on the other side was his most important investor. If Buck withdrew, the company’s finances would be weakened even more, and it might lead to other investors withdrawing. This created quite a dilemma for him.

After the party, Paine was depressed every day. He was disappointed that the party didn’t bring in any new investors, and even worse, he risked losing his lover and his company. Whenever Marina asked him what happened, he would just sigh, but wouldn’t reveal anything. After Marina’s persistent questioning, he finally confided in her about what Buck said at the party, then sighed: “The rich men could rationalize their greed and selfishness. What could we do?”

“What are you going to say to him?” asked Marina, agitated.


“That’s not good. He’s capable of anything. If he really withdraws his investment, our company is doomed!” said Marina, with a sense of urgency.

“I know, that’s why I’m troubled! I can’t send my love into the hands of a bully just to save the company!”

Marina was touched and said, “Be honest with him. Tell him that we’re in a relationship. Maybe he’ll give up!”

Paine was silent.

“Keeping silent isn’t going to solve the problem. I think I should go and tell him the truth. I’ll be able to manage three days without being forced into sex.”

“But that’s too dangerous!” Paine was reluctant to let her go.

“Don’t worry. I’ll deal with him and adapt to any circumstances.”

A few days later, Marina arrived at Buck’s villa alone. She was calm and confident. Buck was delighted to see her. He showed her his magnificent mansion, precious decorations and collections, glass swimming pool, garden, vast golf course, outdoor pool, horse track, and yachts.

It was incredible that a billionaire personally would receive a fledgling and ordinary girl. It showed that Buck really treated Marina differently.

Other than bragging about his wealth, showing her around gave them a chance to talk and become closer. Buck didn’t just want to have sex, but also cared about creating a romantic atmosphere.

Marina was, indeed, astonished by what she saw. When she came to the party, she only focused on networking with potential investors and didn’t take in the villa’s full scale. Now that she’d seen its luxurious design and facilities, she was both amazed and impressed.

But she wasn’t carried away by the visit and still had her original purpose in mind. To her, this was the most important thing.

During a candlelight dinner, Buck said, probingly, “If a man can’t give his woman a pleasurable life, he has no power over her.” Gazing at her with his light, hazel eyes, he continued: “Rather than spending your life in a 9-to-5 job, wasting your time saving little money, why not find a rich man and live your life to the fullest?”

Buck didn’t directly propose sex in exchange for financial security. He took his time to persuade her.

A smart woman would know that this is a hint for sex. She didn’t want to reject him outright, so she just said, “Thank you for caring about my future happiness. If you know someone who might be a good provider, please introduce him to me.”

Buck could tell that she was being evasive. Smiling, he took out a diamond ring and said, “The person I want to introduce to you is myself. This diamond ring is my greeting gift. Please accept it.” Buck was being straightforward. Any woman who was after money definitely would take the diamond ring.

But Marina wasn’t someone who was after money: “Please take it back. I can’t accept it!” In a frank manner, she said, “After the subprime mortgage crisis, many investors asked to terminate their contracts. Paine and all his colleagues went to great lengths to dissuade them from withdrawing their investments. At this moment, the worst thing that could happen is contract termination from our biggest clients. If the news gets out, Paine’s company will collapse. Now, I have to cautiously deal with investors who show up and ask to terminate their contracts. It’s been really stressful.” She confronted Buck in a straightforward way: “I heard that you plan to withdraw your investment in two months. Is this true? If the news spreads, the company will go out of business. All your investment and return will be lost!”

Marina didn’t disclose her relationship with Paine, but directed the topic toward the company’s survival. She thought it was more convincing to appeal to Buck’s financial interest and relationship with Paine’s company.

Buck was speechless. He’d never met any girls who were both beautiful and intelligent. He wasn’t angered by her words. On the contrary, he had more respect for her.

Marina continued: “We’re all victims of the holding company’s mess. My parents lost their fortune and even their lives. I don’t want to think about it. Paine’s been trying hard to put the company back on track. He’s been running the company well for the past 10 years, hasn’t he?”

Buck was deeply moved and replied, “Of course! I wasn’t going to withdraw my funds. I was going to increase my stake! Tell you what: I’ll take you to visit some of my billionaire friends, so they could also invest in Paine’s company.” Buck was impressed by Marina’s loyalty and devotion to Paine and sincerely wanted to help her.

“Thank you, Mr. Buck. When Paine’s company is back on track and the burden is off my shoulders, I will accept your diamond ring!” Marina was worried that Buck might take back his words, so she kept Buck on the hook so that he would continue to be interested in her. This showed that she possessed the wisdom of negotiation.

Over the following days, Buck took Marina to visit some of his friends. He also kept his funds invested in Paine’s company and increased his stake.

However, his friends weren’t interested in Paine’s company. Marina made several phone calls with very few results. Finally, two investors, Nordier and Orville, expressed interest and asked to meet her in private.

When she went with Buck to visit the investors, many times, they would talk in English and Spanish, which she didn’t understand. But she could sense they were talking about her. Nordier and Orville’s requests felt weird, but for the sake of the company, she decided to go.

She met up with Nordier first in a restaurant. He was a movie mogul, hospitable and talkative. Throughout dinner, he talked about his film business and praised Marina’s beauty, but didn’t say a word about investing. In the end, he asked Marina to take out the contract and wrote down a figure: “If you spend the night with me, I will give you a role in my next movie, and I will sign this contract.” This was how Nordier conducted business, sordid but straightforward.

Marina blushed and didn’t know what to say. Nordier continued: “Life is full of choices. If you choose to make the change and take the risk, you have a better chance of winning. Seize every opportunity and use your skill well, and you’ll live a brilliant life. Why would you choose the opposite?”

Marina was persuaded and thought to herself that he made sense: “Sacrifice myself, and the company will be out of trouble. Paine will no longer be sad and stressed. I can enjoy life and even be a movie star. Why not give it a try?” Marina was still naive. Hanging out with these billionaires for some time, she eventually was tempted, and her original value system had been swayed.

She then decided to go for it and agreed to his terms. So, for the first time, Marina landed a contract in exchange for sex. She felt a little guilty and ashamed, but the strong desire to get the investment and the sense of achievement of getting it alleviated the uneasiness.

However, a first always leads to a second. She then slept with real estate tycoon Orville, then some big company executives. She no longer had to beg, as contracts and diamond rings fell into her lap easily. Buck also gave her a big diamond ring for her outstanding ability. He even wanted to enlist her as his company’s public relations secretary.

Just like that, Marina dealt with billionaires and millionaires for a year. She knew about their psychology and developed a strategy to deal with them. They revered her as the Pink Lady, complimenting her extraordinary abilities and skills.

Although Marina was successful, she remained humble. Seeing that the wealthy men often talked in English and Spanish, she didn’t want to be kept out of the loop, so she started to learn English and Spanish.

At first, Paine was grateful and delighted that Marina helped him out of the financial crisis and never suspected what she was doing to help him. Then more and more rich men showed up for Marina, and he started to hear rumors and gossip. Suddenly, he realized that Marina was selling her body to earn these contracts!

Upon learning the truth, he was regretful and depressed. Marina sacrificed herself to this extent, and he couldn’t help but weep.

He thought to himself, “I didn’t treat her right. What have I given her? If a man cannot give his woman everything, he should just disappear and leave her alone. Maybe she’ll find her happiness when I’m gone.” He struggled, cried, and lamented. He had been through many obstacles and experienced much adversity. In the end, it was all for nothing.

Several months later, there was a terrible accident. A small plane crashed into a cliff during the flight. The pilot died on the spot. It was later found out that the pilot was Paine, chairman of Clark Corporation.

Hearing the news, Marina collapsed. She felt cursed. First, she lost both her parents, and now she lost the only person left who was closest to her.

For a week, she locked herself up and refused to answer any phone calls. Her colleagues didn’t know where she was. Her disappearance was even on the news.

Hurting and sad, Marina finally showed up, but just to resign and move out of the company apartment. She wanted to leave this place, so full of memories, and move to a new environment in Paris.

Miranda learned that she was moving to Paris and visited her. They had become good friends since the party at Buck’s villa.

“What’s gone is gone; we have to move on and look forward. Many big bosses have been calling me about you, especially Buck and Nordier. You have to pull yourself together!” said Miranda.

They didn’t understand why Marina was so affected by Paine’s death. They didn’t know that other than loyalty and friendship, they loved each other deeply.

Marina said, “Thank you. I’ll be fine. I’ve spoken with Buck and Nordier.”

Miranda said, “Life is like the sky. Sometimes it’s sunny, sometimes it’s cloudy and stormy. We have to accept and adapt to the changes, but don’t get affected by them.”

“Life is so unpredictable!” sighed Marina.

“That’s why we have to seize the moment! You can’t keep lamenting and grieving. You’re still young and full of potential. You have your own life to live! What do you plan to do now?” Miranda asked about her future plans.

“Maybe I’ll do the film shoot for Nordier.”

Miranda disagreed with that plan and warned her: “The film industry is dominated by Hollywood. It’s extremely difficult to have a breakthrough. I used to have a movie star dream and spent a year shooting a film in a supporting role. Turned out it was almost for nothing, and I was asked to sleep with the producers and the director. It was the worst experience ever!”

Marina was shocked to hear this.

“Rather than being bullied, we should take charge and fight back!” said Miranda, vehemently.

“What do you mean?” asked Marina.

“I learned something from rich men’s desire for sex, and I think it would be extremely lucrative. But this opportunity needs someone like you to make it happen. I think you should consider it.”

“What do I have to do?” Marina replied, expressing interest.

“You should probably notice by now that these billionaires are extremely lonely and always under huge pressure. They appear tough, but inside, they might be weak and fearful. That’s why they look for sex to relieve pressure. They don’t mind spending money and only care whether the women are interesting enough. If we recruit a group of beautiful women, train them to fit the tastes and needs of the billionaires, we’ll make a huge profit. I have many contacts: If we join forces, we could create an empire,” explained Miranda.

Marina was persuaded and thought it was doable: “How do we start?”

Miranda was delighted that Marina was on board, replying, “First, find a luxurious building and build several presidential suites and restaurants upstairs. They will be used by billionaires from all over the world. Next, curate paintings and sculptures from celebrity artists and display them in the first-floor gallery. The billionaires will purchase these artworks in exchange for the stay and for the girls’ company. We can set our own prices for the artworks. This way, we can profit more. This type of transaction is different from buying sex. I guarantee this arrangement will be a great hit. I’ll give you the specific operation details later.”

Marina was totally sold now: “What a great idea! But it will take a lot of money! Where do I get the money from?”

“Don’t you worry about money. As long as you’re willing to work with me, I’ll have everything done,” answered Miranda.

“In that case, there’s no reason to say no. I’m in!” said Marina, excitedly.

The women were both enthusiastic about their new business idea and decided on the spot to go for it. Marina later declined the film shoot.

Miranda was beautiful and intelligent like Marina, and only five years older. She had seen more cruelty and lies in her life. When she saw Marina for the first time, she felt like she was seeing her younger self, and she immediately sympathized with Marina and wanted to help her.

After Marina agreed to work with her, Miranda started executing the plan. She called the big bosses who were worried about Marina and persuaded them to send her checks. She told them that to win her heart, this was the best opportunity to show their chivalry and care.

Very soon, Marina started receiving many checks with huge amounts. She was puzzled and didn’t know what to do with them, but Miranda asked her to keep them as a venture fund.

In the following days, Miranda took Marina to visit artists, browse their artworks, and persuade them to provide their works for exhibition. They also were looking for a suitable building. This process was all very new and interesting to Marina, and she learned a lot.

After a month of searching, the finally found a single seven-story building in Île Saint-Louis and liked it immediately, but it was too expensive. The owner was willing to rent it out, but only for one year. They were at their wits’ end.

Just as the two were running around and feeling helpless, the universe intervened. Marina received a call from the chairman of an insurance company, asking her to collect the payment on Paine’s accident insurance. The chairman was a good friend of Paine and helped with his burial. He took the initiative to file the insurance claim, and when he found out that Marina was the beneficiary, he contacted her right away.

Marina couldn’t believe it. After she went to the insurance company, she realized that Paine had purchased the insurance more than a year ago. Seeing the huge amount, she wept uncontrollably. Paine was so kind to her.

In fact, Paine’s death wasn’t an accident, but suicide. Marina and the insurance company were both fooled. He was dragged into gigantic debt because of the holding company’s demise, and his life was basically over. He had been living with depression ever since. Even though he tried to escape from the pressure by making love to Marina, he was still tormented by despair. He purchased the accident insurance and made Marina the beneficiary in case he lost hope and the desire to live. After he found out that Marina sacrificed her dignity and used her body to save the company, he broke down completely and ended his life.

With the huge payment from Paine’s insurance, together with a bank loan, they bought the building and renovated it. The Dating Club, which was also called the Chic Girls Club by its employees, was ready for business.

With Miranda’s training and networking, Marina ran the Dating Club and built an extremely successful business. Her unique operational wisdom and leadership style were developed through her unusual backstory.

How did Marina’s Dating Club operate? What impressive achievements had it created? Continue reading to find out more!

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